How to get PA9X’ HF + 6m common mode choke

Don’t want to make a broadband common mode choke yourself? I will gladly build one for you to buy. By the way, did you know a common mode choke is also often named 1:1 balun or RF line isolator?


Frequency range: 1.8-54 MHz (160m to 6m band).
Attenuation: 25 dB around frequency range edges to 45 dB at center.
Power rating: 1000 W SSB | 500 W CW.
SWR: <1.1:1 from 1.8-54 MHz.
Case: Weatherproof plastic ABS IP65.
Sockets: 2x SO-239 PTFE female.
Size: approx. 11 x 8 x 7 cm.

Contact me for details

Please contact me for details on price and shipping costs.