Have your PA9X HF common mode choke built

Don’t want to make a broadband common mode choke yourself? I will gladly build one for you to buy. By the way, did you know a common mode choke is also often called an RF line isolator, 1:1 balun and 1:1 unun? Latter two for transforming a (un)balanced antenne to an unbalanced feed line.

Some variants I have built.


Frequency range:
1.8-30 MHz (160 m to 10 m band).
Common mode suppression:
25 dB around at frequency range edges to 45 dB at 14 MHz.
Power rating:
1000 W SSB | 500 W CW (single toroid)
2000 W SSB | 1000 W CW (double stacked toroid)
<1.1:1 from 1.8-30 MHz.
weatherproof plastic ABS IP65, approx. 12 x 8 x 5.5 cm.

I can also build these with N or BNC connectors.

Buy on eBay or directly

You can buy these common mode chokes at eBay.com. But you can also buy directly. Please contact me for details on price and shipping costs via the contact form below. Or drop an email via my email address on my QRZ.com page.