Working on the homemade 10m Moxon

Well, I got all the materials for the new 2 element Moxon, a more ridged than the previous one that was blown of the roof… This time I am using 20mm PVC tubes as spreaders. I have attached the spreaders to a mast made out of an old piece of curtain wood. The spreaders are mounted onto two rectangular pieces of used Trespa facade panel, with Stauff plastic hydraulic line mounting clamps. The wooden mast stands on a Channelmaster TV antenna rotator. The entire construction is mounted onto a 5 meter mast. Top section from aluminium and bottom section from galvanized steel.

The construction is up, but I still have to fix the elements (pieces of old speaker wire) onto the spreaders. Unfortunately weather has been very bad, lots of rain, too windy, and the forecast are not very good. So the Moxon will probably be operational when better weather conditions are expected.

As soon as things are working, I will post some pictures.