Finally some good old propagation

It is a long time ago since I heard W6 and W7 on 10m. Well, past few days they have been on the air every evening, and conditions became better by the day. I managed to work some guys from Southern California up to the state of Washington. Have not heard any Alaska yet, but propagation might have been there while I was enjoying dinner.

Something remarkable is that I am beginning to notice that the Moxon is behaving differently after or during rain. Could be that rainwater on the roof is altering the radiation pattern, so that is something interesting to investigate.

I am thinking of taking a day off soon, so I can drive my car to the beach to setup up a vertical array of two 1/4 wave groundplane antennas near the shoreline. Near salt water, that should work even better than an advanced 3 element Yagi. Perhaps after the weekend of 23rd October, as I expect some more solar activity around that time.